Taylor Swift is my life. Without her I'd be lost. I only stay strong because of her. She and her music are the only things that keep me going. She has made my darkest days better and my brightest days even brighter.

"your vine = LOL"

7 time grammy award winner taylor swift (via teylurs)

Taylor Swift | favorite music artists of 2013

I wrote this song after the Grammys. I was in a situation at the Grammys and everything was kind of all happening at once and there was a lot of people around just talking a lot of shit. And I found the only sense that was coming out of anyone’s lips or vocal box from this one person. I wrote a song about it.


Bromance at its finest

Oh my, my, my, my…


"People do not talk like that here"

"I’m unapologetically okay with myself"